• Premium Quality at Crazy Prices

    Premium Quality @ Crazy Prices

    Crazy Cleaners came upon such a unique name because many industry insiders didn’t think it was possible to offer couture type dry cleaning services at reasonable prices. Yet here we are, saving YOU up to 80%!

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  • Dirty Cleaning Fluids? No Way!

    Crazy Cleanerz NEVER uses dirty dry cleaning fluids or filtered dry cleaning fluids to clean your garments! Every ounce of our dry cleaning fluid gets 100% distilled for purity before any reuse can occur. How many other Mid-South Dry Cleaners can truthfully make this statement? Exactly NONE!

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  • Every Button in it's Place

    Crazy Cleaners uses automated state-of-the-art machines designed to protect your buttons, zippers, sequins, and other decorative elements while your clothes go through the dry cleaning process. Our employees are trained to make special efforts to identify garments that can be harmed by professional cleaning practices.

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  • Home Delivery @ Crazy Prices

    Dr DryClean is the newest phase of Crazy Cleanerz that delivers our quality garment care and crazy prices to your door. Let us simplify your wardrobe care and give you back your valuable time and money that you are currently losing by using any other cleaners.

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