What is dry cleaning and how does it work?

First off one has to understand that there is nothing dry about dry cleaning. When garments are dry cleaned they are 100% immersed in liquid cleaning solutions.  These solutions act similar to how the water in a washing machine acts.  Some say that the term “dry clean” came from the fact that no water is used and then others say it was because of the dry feel that these cleaning solutions have when compared to water.  Dry cleaning solutions are also very evaporative when compared to water.


How often do cleaners change their cleaning solutions?

Consumers need to understand that the cleaning solutions used in dry cleaning are always reclaimed and used over and over again to clean clothes. One of the most important parts to cleaning is how clean these solutions are when they are being reused.

At Crazy Cleanerz every time we press the start cycle on our machines, you can rest assured the fluids cleaning your clothes are just as clean and sparkling clear, as the distilled water you buy at the store. Sadly, but factually stated, many cleaners fluids look more like hot chocolate or coffee because of all the dirt and impurities that they simply won't or can't remove because of increased cost.

This is where we love to ask the question, "how would you feel if you were taking a shower or bath in hundreds of other peoples used, dirty bath water?" There is no better practice available in the world than total distillation for removing impurities, and Crazy Cleanerz is one of the few dry cleaners in the world that can make this claim.


Does dry cleaning shorten the life of my garments?

Professional studies have shown that dry cleaned clothes actually extend garment life.  Stains, many invisible, can be permanently set by being on the garment too long.  Acids and alkalis picked up from our bodies can cause color loss and fabric degradation.   Small food particles attract insect damage, and embedded dirt acts as an abrasive that can damage delicate fibers.



Should matching articles be cleaned together?

Absolutely!   Slight color variations or texture changes could cause a matching suit to no longer match.



What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is using relatively new technologies to clean some dry clean only garments successfully with water.  Trained professionals equipped with highly programmable machines,  special detergents, and other additives can now clean some garments that were only dry cleanable in the past.  Wet cleaning takes unique garment knowledge, chemical knowledge, as well as specialty cleaning knowledge to be safely accomplished.


How can I remove spots?

STOP!!  Don’t ever do anything more than simply blot the area to remove excessive amounts of the staining substance.  Never rub the material since this can cause damage to the fabric.  Never use club soda, hairsprays, or any other “home remedies” since every fabric type and any dye can be irreparably harmed.  Even plain water can make a simple situation much worse.  Simply take the garment to a professional cleaner as soon as possible and tell them what happened.