Our Promise

Our promise is to provide High Quality Garment Care along with prompt, responsive customer service for the best price possible.  It is our goal to be thought of as the best everyday value our customers receive from any business.  We expect to build long lasting customer and employee relationships by satisfying both the expectations of our customers as well as our employees.


Crazy Cleanerz does not cut corners or cost in any way when it comes to cleaning your clothes.  We purchase and use only the highest quality products available to our industry for every service we offer. Great cleaning comes from great cleaning solvents and great detergents!!  Crazy Cleanerz proudly uses GreenEarth; an all natural, silicone based solution that is environmentally non-toxic.  Safe for our water, soil, and air.

GreenEarth is MORE than an odor-free, petroleum-free dry cleaning method.  It's actually better for clothes.  GreenEarth's solution is Liquid silicone; this is an odorless, colorless solution that is an excellent carrier for detergents, has ideal properties for fabric care and is better for the environment.  


Crazy Cleanerz came upon such a unique name because many industry insiders didn’t think it was a feasible business venture to offer couture type dry cleaning services at reasonable prices. It was crazy, but founders Spencer Nix and Shaine Burns believed their business model would become the force of the future in their industry. Cleaners were practically on every corner!  There were cheap cleaners and expensive cleaners but what determined the differences between the two?  Even though some of the cheaper cleaners were poor in their quality of work, research proved that their final product was no different from that of the more expensive cleaners!  With the unwavering belief that high quality and reasonable pricing was achievable in the industry Nix and Burns moved forward and have since accomplished what skeptics once called “CRAZY”.

By pure faith, they invested over $1,000,000 in their state of the art cleaning facility by importing equipment from as far away as Italy, Germany, and Japan. These machines assisted in automating several human labor processes which are instrumental in controlling everyday cost. Purchasing the finest cleaning equipment available world wide coupled with utilizing the highest quality cleaning supplies on the market equaled the perfect union!    After only a couple of months in business Crazy Cleanerz became the largest single dry cleaners  in the history of the Mid South.  They were soon awarded the “Best New Facility in America” by their industry trade journal, the American DryCleaner Magazine, and just recently were featured for their superior services and their “CRAZY” prices!

Nix and Burns are constantly stirring debates within their industry, country wide, about what is and isn’t possible, but the proof is in their product and pricing.  Your finest couture garments as well as your favorite casual wear will be processed to quality standards that far exceed what is generally found in the dry cleaning industry. Not to mention you will most likely save 30% to 70% versus what you are currently paying somewhere else.


Now that you know about us, what are you waiting for?

Our experienced staff is eager and ready to serve you and your garment care needs.  If you still have concerns that a lower price means lesser quality, let us reassure you that with CrazyCleanerz this is just not the case!  Come and join our tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We are pleased to brag that there is NOT A FACILITY IN AMERICA that has a more pristine dry cleaning procedure than ours.

Amazingly, you can probably count on your fingers how many cleaners in America can make that claim! What exactly does this mean to you?   As mentioned, our finishing and pressing equipment is truly unique and provides excellent results for your garments which are crisp, clean, and ready to wear when you receive them.  The cleanliness and organization of our facility has been compared to that of a medical facility, which is one of the reasons we chose the name Dr DryClean for our home delivery service. This is one doctor that is making house calls and we’ve got the perfect prescription for your garments and your budget!