Dr. Dry Clean/Pick Up and Delivery


Today, in the next phase of Crazy Cleanerz, we are offering home pick up and delivery service for less than you can drive your garments to your current cleaners!  Many providers offer what they call a “FREE” pick up and delivery service, but rest assured it’s the most expensive “FREE” thing you may ever receive!  Known as Dr DryClean, the new pick up and delivery division of Crazy Cleanerz, we are now available to pick up your garments in selected areas.

Unlike some pick up and delivery providers, your clothes are never processed by wholesale cleaners.  Your garments will always be in our care! With over 45 years of industry experience nobody does it better than us. Let us simplify your clothing care tasks and give you back your time and money that you are currently losing elsewhere.

How does home delivery work?

Dr Dry Clean will come to your home once weekly on your pre determined pick up day and retrieve any garments that you want to be cleaned.  Depending on your pick up day your clothes will be returned on your specified delivery day which is generally the third following day.  For example if your garments are picked up on Monday they will be returned on Thursday.  Tuesday pick ups will be returned on Friday.  When your driver signs you up he will let you know your specific schedule.

Who will pick up and deliver my clothes?

A uniformed driver from Dr Dry Clean will always pick up and deliver your clothes to a mutually pre determined location.

Who should I contact if I have a problem or question?

You will be provided your drivers cell phone number and that is your direct connection to him.  You can also feel free to call Dr Dry Clean offices as well.

Is there a minimum weekly requirement?

Right now there are no minimum requirements however if you are an infrequent user we may ask you to become a will call customer.  Will call customers can simply call in when they need a pick up or they can notify us on our web site that they have a pick up.

What should I put my clothes in to be picked up?

Upon becoming our customer you will be provided a Dr Dry Clean garment bag that you will simply put your clothes into and leave at your specified point of pick up.  In the event of unusually wet weather or if you have a home sprinkler system you may want to put this bag into another weather resistant plastic bag for extra protection.

If I have a special request for a particular garment how will you know?

If you have a special request simply write it on a piece of paper and include it inside your pick up bag.  Sometimes unusually stained garments may need to be pointed out or if you know what a particular stain is you may want to tell us.

How will I be charged for my services?

Upon signing up we will place your chosen credit card on file and you will be automatically charged on the day of delivery.  If you would like, you can prepay by check or cash and your account will simply be debited with each delivery.  Dr Dry Clean does not do monthly billings in an effort to tightly control our cash flows and keep your cost as low as possible.

How will I know what my charges were?

When your clothes are returned your tickets will be attached that will reflect your charges. At your request, Dr. Dry Clean can print out a yearly summery of your account. Many customers use this service if they are eligible to deduct their cleaning expenses from their taxes. We recommend that you consult with your CPA to see if this is applicable to your personal situation.

Care to compare what we are talking about?

How much of this is “FREE” delivery service to your home or business? Feast your eyes on the comparison below: Your Current Cleaners VS Dr DryClean


  Their Prices

Dr. Dry Clean

Savings Up To...

Professionally Laundered Dress Shirts $2.75 to $3.10 $2.99 25%
Blouses, Blazers, Golf Shirts, Half Coats, Slacks, Shorts, Skirts, Ties $5.25 to $9.50 $4.59 55%
Dresses, Long Coats/Over Coats    $11.50 to $19.50 $4.59 80%
Starched Khaki’s or Jeans  $5.25 to $6.90 $4.59 40%
Comforters $24.50 to $39.00 $19.99 50%

If you find these HUGE differences hard to believe then check your previous dry cleaning bills.  Most cleaners also up-charge many garments for fabric types in addition to their standard pricing!  For even greater savings please feel free to visit us as a walk-in retail customer and feast your eyes on our state of the art facility for yourself.